My work is about exploring the paradox between chaos and harmony, in attempt to create order through time and space. Whilst experimenting with surface, layers and space in a painting, I am interested by a painting showing multiple narratives. I want the viewer to see the middle of the painting, not just the beginning and the end.

Annie Ashwell is a Contemporary Artist based in London. She studied at Bath Spa University (2017-2020), with a degree in Contemporary Arts Practice. Annie has been shortlisted for the Peter Kinley Painting Prize and Signature Art Prize, as well as gaining experience in international art studies. She has also been part of a variety of exhibitions around the South West of England, London and Spain. Annie is continually assessing and pushing the boundaries of painting within her practice. She was selected for an art residency 'Joya Air' in South of Spain in 2022 - where she assessed how a tranquil and isolated environment affects the ways she paints chaotically.


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