Annie’s work is an exploration of the human experience, as it attempts to navigate order within time and space. Using abstract, disorderly markings against a harmonious colour palette, her work is an ode to the continuous, multi-layered and deeply felt paradox of existence and its many fragmented structures.

With the use of paint in various forms, Annie experiments with texture, addition and elimination of paint throughout her work; this technique is implicit of the infinite nature within each narrative. Her aim is for the viewer to live through the middle of the painting, rather than just the beginning and the end.


Annie Ashwell is a Contemporary Painter based in London. Working predominantly in oils, her work is a visual unravelling of feeling within space and time. The contrasting use of conscious colour and freeform, emotive brush strokes is an attempt to unpick harmony within the world we live in today; one that is anxiety-driven and divergent of stillness.

In her recent ‘Last Man on Earth’ collection, 2023, Annie explores the use of universal elements and natural forces, such as gravity, to create a sense of peace, softness and surrender to the motions of existence. Often enclosing the edges of the canvas with a distinct, singular tone, Annie attempts to create a series of self-contained experiences within a shared reality, fusing a symbiotic relationship between chaos and order, embracing all that is within the metaphysical plain of emotion and exertion.

Annie studied Contemporary Art at Bath Spa University in 2020, since then she has exhibited around the South West of England, London and Spain. Some of her most prolific group shows include Power at Mimosa House, TASC at Hand at the Muse Gallery Notting Hill, and Cambió de Forma at Gallo Rojo in Seville. Annie has been selected for artist residency at Joya Air in Velez Blanco South of Spain (2022) and shortlisted for several awards, including the Peter Kinley Painting Prize (2020) and the Signature Art Prize (2021).


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